Answering Service




Founded on our belief to “Treat Every Client as Our Only Client”, Around The Clock Answering Service has provided 24/7 Live Bilingual Answering Services to our clients since 1947. During that time, our ability to create unique customer solutions while providing outstanding service has earned us the reputation as “Solution Architects” with regards to our ability to meet our client’s answering service needs. Schedule a time to speak with our staff and we will come up with a solution to fit your needs and provide a local reference relevant to your industry.

Around The Clock Answering Services include:


  • 24/7 Live Bilingual Answering by a Fully Staffed Answering Service.
  • Alpha Pager Service to deliver messages or call back numbers to pick up messages by voice or recording.
  • Dispatch Services executed by a fully trained staff to handle any and all emergencies whether they are health, property management or municipal in nature.
  • Email and Fax Messages are routinely sent quickly and efficiently by our staff.
  • Conversations and Recorded Messages are Archived for the length of time you determine applicable to your industry.


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