Water District Call Center Telephone Answering Service


Looking for an After Hour Call Center Telephone Answering Service for Your Water District in California?


stars    “I would rate Answer24Live.com 5 stars out of 5 stars for their excellent service and overall value.  I really enjoy working with their staff and Supervisors.  I think all Water Districts in California need Answer24Live.com’s service.” – Mona, General Manager, Santa Clarita Water District


We Understand The Unique Needs of Water Districts And Provide Solutions To Meet Their Staffing And Budget Priorities.

 Answer 24 Live.com’s Water District Telephone Answering On-Call Dispatch Service includes:

  • We work with Water Districts to create a custom plan to meet their needs.
  • We specialize in handling After Hours “Action” (311 dispatch) calls and also accept rollover calls during peak call times as well.
  • We are able to make collections and follow-up calls on your behalf.
  • We will work with you to free up your staff to focus on the important things like efficiency & expansion initiatives, technological conversions, etc… without worrying about having someone available to answer the phones.
  • Emergency Dispatch (311 Calls): We route the calls for main line breakages, service outages, etc… directly to the 24/7 emergency response teams.
  • Local, National International Alpha Paging: We can dispatch alpha numeric messages to any pager on any plan.
  • Message Retrieval/Archive Messages: Instantly access messages within the past 90 days. Recorded messages saved for 6 months for your review only.
  • Message Back-up: Messages can be faxed, emailed or mailed to your address.

Wanswering-service1hy Answer24live.com is the Premiere Water District Call Center Telephone Answering Service and On-Call Dispatch Service provider in California.


Water District Benefits from Utilizing Answer24live.com’s Services

1.  We Answer Immediately.  We find clients are more calm in emergency situations when a call is answered by a live person within the first few rings and that person is more likely to be overall satisfied with the response as well. 2.  The Experience of Our Staff:  Our Agents are very experienced in handling emergency and/or run of the mill calls for Water Districts and we find that beneficial to the overall satisfaction of the Water District Client.  Our Agents average over 11 years of experience and our Supervisors average over 16 years of experience handling calls for Water Districts. 3.  Knowing the unique needs of Water Districts, we will work with you to create a Call Center Solution for now and the future as needs change due to expansion, attrition of staff, ongoing training requirements and technological conversions.  Our state-of-the-art IBM A4 servers allow us to access your CMR in a secured cloud environment and help your Contact Center function more efficiently. 

What Will the Water District Contact Center Look Like in the Future?

A Report Prepared by The Water Research Foundation entitled “Optimizing the Water Utility Customer Contact Center” strongly advocates integration of Contract Call Center into the Utility environment to help with fluctuating call volumes along with staffing issues.  A link to the report can be found here: Public Report   46_128x128 Answer 24 Live’s Water District Answering and Message Dispatch Services are designed to handle situations for our clients based on their instructions by answering bilingual 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Since 1947 Answer 24 Live’s staff have taken phone messages for our clients, and we dispatch the messages by voice, text, email, fax or all pager service.  Have peace of mind knowing your phone lines are answered “Locally” and professionally as our staff averages 16 years of dispatch experience and that 99.9% of our calls are answered within the first 4 rings by a live answering agent.

Solution Architects

353_128x128In 1947 we began a business with the intent to “Treat Every Client as if they are our Only Client” and have done so for over 65 years.  We ask our clients what is most important to them in a phone answering dispatch service, and they said value, reliability, customer service and additional services offered to meet their needs (in that order).  Based on what our clients value most, we believe offer the greatest value based service, deliver the most reliable results and offer additional services to meet our client’s unique needs.

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